CrossFit Causway and Causeway Combatives taste more success

Causeway Combatives medals
Causeway Combatives medals

The recently formed Triangle Judo Club had five club members enter the Northern Ireland City of Culture Judo Competition last weekend.

The event was open to all abilities and ages. The organisers did a great job in grouping similar levels together where possible. Kevin, one of the ‘veteran black belts’ had a large group of under 81kg men to test himself against and despite coming straight from work with no sleep took a well earned silver medal.

This was the first ever competition for novices Jamie and Abigail who overcame nerves to take bronze and silver. It was a big event for the two first timers so it was a brilliant result for them. Bradley had a tough fight against a competitor with several years experience compared with his 15 months, but he gave his all and can be proud of his skills. Jack had the toughest group of all with four more experienced and older boys, with one black belt amongst them. Jack has just a few weeks judo experience and fought every fight to the limit showing great courage and determination.

Head Coach Gary Jackson said: “Our young athletes train three times a week at Judo other cross training at least twice a week so they have come a long way in a relatively short time.

“Triangle Judo Club provides judo training, instruction and practice with the aim of developing judo skills in a friendly, inclusive environment. The club encourages its members to adopt an active, healthy life style and to develop a sense of humility. We do train hard, but this is progressive so it is within the capabilities of each individual. This is within an environment of fun and mutual respect. Judo is often described as a “training for life” and that is how we see it. Our members quickly develop a sense of achievement and currently open to boys, girls, men and women age 12+