Electric atmosphere greets fighters at Europa Hotel for Carl Frampton presser

Barry McGuigan holds back Carl Frampton at yesterday's press conference
Barry McGuigan holds back Carl Frampton at yesterday's press conference

There was no love lost on Wednesday as the last press conference of the week ended in pantomime at the Europa Hotel in Belfast.

IBF World champion Carl Frampton and WBA champ Scott Quigg had to be hauled apart after the face-off as both sides had their say in front of a massive crowd at the Belfast hotel.

Matchroom chief Eddie Hearn and Cyclone Promotions CEO Barry McGuigan exchanged words as the debate raged and trainers Shane McGuigan and Joe Gallagher joined in to defend their respective fighters as both camps slugged it out in front of a partizan crowd.

It was pure theatre and Belfast fight fans lapped it up and at times joined in -without invitation- to the press conference.

After the boos and the cheers had died down - Frampton says he cannot believe the support he has received before he takes to the ring at the MEN Arena in Manchester on February 27.

“I could hardly hear what the boys were saying because of the noise in here and we didn’t have that problem in Manchester yesterday.

“And I am just going to give a wee warning to a few of the other people on the table here today.

“Arrogance does not go down well in this part of town and they should always remember that,” he added.

But after the cheers and shouting had calmed down Frampton admitted that this would be his most difficult fight to date.

“So far yes, but if I am being honest, I think Scott is a wee bit of a hype job and I think they are making him out to be better than he is.

“In his last fight against Kiko Martinez the result there flatters him a wee bit. It is the biggest fight of my career so far - but there will be bigger fights before I retire.

“And I know for a fact that we will be taking over Manchester on February 27,” he added.

And Quigg - who 150 people had come out to see at the press conference on Tuesday - was not impressed with the hostile reception he had received when he entered the room.

“If that is what I have to face on February 27 from you lot, then I have nothing to fear.

“But this is what it is all about. The Irish fans always bring an incredible atmosphere.

“And it does not matter if it is for me, or against me. It was a fantastic crowd here for the press conference and I knew they would get behind Frampton.

“Irish fight fans are passionate about their boxing, they know their boxing and they always turn-up in numbers and when I walked in here the reception I got made my day,” he added.

And the Bury super-bantamweight is convinced that he hits harder than his Belfast rival.

“Without a doubt. He also punches hard and we are both big punchers, but in boxing one punch can change a fight - even if you are not a big puncher.

“If you don’t see a shot coming it can have a big effect on you and it does not matter who the bigger puncher is. It does not matter how hard you can punch, if you can’t land it.

“I rate Carl highly as a fighter. You don’t become a world champion without being a special fighter,”

Quigg was handed Guillermo Rigondeaux’s WBA World title after the Cuban had the belt taken off him for inactivity - but Quigg says he does not listen to the criticism.

“It is like water off a ducks back. It does not bother me.I know the work I put in and if someone mocks my belt, I do-not care because on February 27 I am going to walk into the MEN Arena in front of 20000 people and all the people watching on the television.

“And I am experienced enough to do that and most people will never get to experience that and the feeleing I get when they raise my hand at the end will be the best feeling ever.”

And Quigg says he does not care that his promoter Hearn said in 2013 that Frampton would KO Quigg when they meet.

“I don’t care. That is what a promoter does and he has to back his fighter when he is with him.

But back then Eddie did not know me. He had not seen me in the gym and now he knows how dedicated I am and he has seen me improve in my last few fights.

“And on July 18 he saw me put on the best performance of my career and took Kiko Martinez out,” said Quigg.

And Quigg’s trainer Gallagher says the atmosphere at the Europa was second to none and he enjoyed his role as the villian.

“I think I could be booked out over Christmas as the pantommine bad guy. It was a great reception today and it is great to fans come out and it shows you the size of this fight.

“Belfast is a fight city like Liverpool and Manchester and they love their boxing.

“The fans in those cities know their stuff and they know by their responce today that Carl Frampton needs all the support he can get.”

And Gallagher says he is sure his fighter has the power and the talent to take Frampton out early.

“When you have got someone with the power of Scott Quigg, and when you see what he did to Kiko Martinez. I just believe he can take him out early if the chance is there.

“Hopefully he will not try to run and bambozzle us. Come and have a shoot-out and we will see who has the power.

“But they won’t do that. I just don’t want this fight to be like Mayweather versus Paquaiuo,” added Gallagher.

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday morning, Team Frampton have urged fans to buy from manchesterarena.com

A smaller allocation will be available from ticketmaster.ie and cyclonepromo.ie