Giants Live Strong Man event

The top three -  Pa Dwyer (2nd), Jonathan Kelly (1st) and Sean O'Hagan (3rd).
The top three - Pa Dwyer (2nd), Jonathan Kelly (1st) and Sean O'Hagan (3rd).

The Irish 2016 Strongman Calendar started with a bang at Crossfit Causeway in Coleraine on Saturday.

Six of the biggest strength names in Ireland weighed in to challenge for the biggest title in Ireland!

Jonathan Kelly produces a 380kg winning the deadlift. PICTURES BY BRIAN KERNOHAN

Jonathan Kelly produces a 380kg winning the deadlift. PICTURES BY BRIAN KERNOHAN

The winner of this contest would represent at the Giants Live - Britain’s Strongest Man 2016, taking place at the Dome in Doncaster on the 30th of this month.

The six massive guys weighed in - Patrick O’Dwyer - 22st, Eamon Harford - 22.5st, Sean O’ Hagen - 27.5st, Chris McNaghten 24.5st, Dale Winters 20st and Johnathan Kelly 21st It was the heaviest line up to date and the guys were bristling with muscle and ready for action.

Over 200 spectators filled the place and with live streaming over 3500 people tuned in form all over the world.

Six events stood in the way of the title. Event number one was the deadlift for max — with the event winner Johnathan Kelly pulling a huge 380kg

The second event required the athletes to lift and carry three progressively heavier objects 15m each in the fastest possible time. The objects weighted between 190kg and a staggering 400kg Again Kelly was the winner making fast work of the course.

The third event was the forward hold - both arms at full length out front holding a massive 25kg giant sword. Plain old fashioned torture.

The event was very close with two competitors passing out! But the win went to Patrick O’Dwyer with almost a minute on the stopwatch before he put down the massive weapon.

Next event was the log press - four huge steel tubes weighted at either end between 120kg and 160kg to be hoisted overhead with a strict lock out.

Only one man finished the course, and it was the heaviest man in the show, Sean O’Hagen. He pressed all four logs in a time of 1m 10secs, very impressive as none of the other athletes got past number 2!

The penultimate event was the shield carry - one solid chunk of raw steel shaped like a giant shield - total weight almost 400lbs or 180kg.

It was a close fought event but Johnathan Kelly managed 10m further than the best of the rest.

The final event was the Atlas stones onto a staggered platform. The lightest of the five stones was 100kg but it had to be lifted onto the highest part of the platform over 5.5ft. The heaviest weighing an enormous 180kg

This was one of there most closely fought events of the day with all the competitors easily launching the first three stones up with three guys getting four stones up!

The fifth stone was a step too far for all the guys as they had worked so hard to this point in what was a very fast paced event when you consider the weights lifted. After totting up all the points and times the trophy was handed to Johnathan Kelly, who was delighted with this and will now be heading to Doncaster at the end of the month.

Thanks go to Renegade Strongman, Crossfit Causeway and sponsors Ironfreak clothing and Giants Pro Supports for an exciting and uplifting event. The winner Johnathan Kelly will be on Giants Live Britain’s Strongest Man shown on Channel 5 this December as part of the run upto Worlds Strongest Man.