Gold medal for Bradley

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Bradley Jackson (13) from Coleraine Judo Club won a gold medal at the Northwest Fundamentals tournament in Londonderry last Saturday.

The Northwest Open Fundamentals is designed to allow lower graded players to gain experience of competition.

Any boy or girl under the age of 18 and graded green belt or below can enter their weight group.

Bradley, a pupil at Coleraine Inst, is a yellow belt from the Coleraine Club and relatively new to the sport of judo.

Despite being a lower grade than his competitors Bradley was determined to fight well.

His first fight started a little tentatively and an early attack was countered giving his opponent a part throw or Yuko (5 points), but Bradley quickly gained control on the ground and won the contest by pinning his opponent for twenty five seconds to score ippon (10 points).

In the next round Bradley was matched against another strong green belt who attempted a foot sweep which Bradley countered with an excellent throw scoring Ippon (10 points) to win the match making him the overall winner and gold medallist