Great movement through Yoga

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Over the next few weeks I’ll give some insight into the exercise of Yoga and how it positively affects your posture and better movement for golf.

Breathing is very important in yoga and the whole secret is to breathe effectively and in coordination to the movements of the exercise.

This helps to not only quieten the mind, but also aids in the proper stretching of the muscles.

One point to remember here is that all great players are able to move the body freely. This comes from a quiet mind and a body that has a greater range of controlled movement.


Standing as tall as possible with your feet together and your hands by your side and looking straight ahead.

Breathe slowly in through the nose and back out through the nose 4-5 times just to get more relaxed.


From the above position, inhale deeply through the nose as you draw the hands and arms sideways and above the head, placing the palms together.

As you move into this position, let the eyes and head look up to the hands. (This really stretches out the back muscles)


From the position above, exhale slowly through the nose as you bend forward from the hips and if possible, place the palms of the hands on the ground and fully lower the crown of the head towards the ground.


Progressing from above, keep the hands on the ground and inhale fully as you bring your head forward and straighten into your back.


From position above, jump or step the feet back into a press up position as you exhale, gently lowering the chest to the ground.


From the position above, inhale fully as you push into straight arms extending the lower back and look up towards the sky. Making sure that the front of the toes are on the ground and that the knees and hips are off the ground ever so slightly.


From the position above, push back into straight arms as you raise the hips into the air.

Make sure the soles of the feet are flat on the ground if possible, stretching the calves, hamstring, hips and lower back muscles.

Hold this position for 4-5 full breaths. This should take 20-25 seconds.

This is the first part of the essential yoga series for golf. Work on your breathing and coordinated stretches for a better golf swing.

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Michael Langford

Golf Performance Ireland

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