Groundbreaking tour for NW Under-17

Varun Chopra Mandatory Credit �INPHO/Cathal Noonan
Varun Chopra Mandatory Credit �INPHO/Cathal Noonan

The North West under-17’s headed off on Sunday on what for the local Union will be a groundbreaking trip to Sussex as Andrew Fleming and his board take their development programme to the next level.

The team played West Sussex Spartans on Monday and follow that up with matches against Oxfordshire, Guernsey, Norfolk and finally East Sussex Titans, before returning to Dublin later on Friday evening.

North West Warriors Administrator Trevor Hamilton suggested that it is only the start.

“This is the first time a youth team from our Union has ever toured outside of Ireland and it will give the squad a chance to play together against quality opposition at top class grounds and hopefully with some sun on their backs.

“The majority of the funding for this tour has came from the players parents, but we would also like to thank the North West Cricket Union ,The Honorable Irish Society and Kieran Kennedy at O’Neill’s Sports for their continued support of cricket across the region.”

Tourimg squad: 1. Graham Kennedy;2. Reece Kelly; 3. Varun Chopra; 4. Ross Dougherty; 5. Matthew Hutchinson; 6. Dylan McElhatton; 7. Dawson Crumley; 8. Marc McCloskey; 9. Trent McKeegan; 10. Brad Connor; 11. Rhys Logue; 12. Mark Moore; 13. Jack Macbeth.