Murphy’s Law wins sweep

Robert Murphy scored 39 points off his nine handicap to win Portstewart’s sweep on countback on Saturday.

Nothing less than two points per hole for the first eight saw Robert gather 20 points for the card. The back eight was similar but it did include an unusual occurrence for Robert, a blank! This came at the short twelfth but was soon forgotten as he rattled off six three pointers in succession. These included three consecutive birdies, fours at both par fives and a two at fifteen, to add a back eight score of 19 the 20 already lodged and won on countback, which went down to the final six, and consigned Mark Cutler to second spot.

Mark’s 39 points matched Robert’s in that he scored 20 out and 19 back. The ninth fell to a birdy three for Mark and the long thirteenth went the same way, both gaining four points for the card. Paul Hewitt came close again with a good score of 37 points off eleven. An opening birdie three was just the start Paul wanted and he added to the birdie tally again at the long fifth where a three was recorded.

Unfortunately the seventh was not so kind and gave up nothing to Paul and he had to be content with 20 points out. A few single point holes crept into play after this and meant just 17 points for the final eight holes and third place overall.