NW200 Management Team Official Breakfast to fuel start the day

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COLERAINE Borough Council was the place to kick start the day as Mayor of Coleraine Councillor Sam Cole hosted a breakfast meeting for the North West 200 (NW200) Management Team.

Council’s technical support team also attended. They will be working in partnership to ensure that everything is set up in time to welcome the thousands of visitors for race week on the North Coast in May.

The Mayor hosted the event so that he could receive an update on what the plans are for this year’s event, including improvements from last year. The partnership between Council staff and the NW200 Management Team is stronger than ever, helping to ensure that preparations are perfect.

The breakfast event was small token of gratitude from the Mayor for all the hard work and preparation in the run up to the 2013 Vauxhall International North West 200. As one of the main sponsors, Coleraine Borough Council works across all services to ensure that this May’s races will be bigger, better, faster and safer than any other year to date.

Mayor of Coleraine, Councillor Sam Cole said: “So much work goes on behind the scenes to prepare for one of the largest events in the Coleraine Borough Council’s event calendar. I am hugely grateful for the work that Coleraine Borough Council staff and the NW200 Management team provide, not forgetting the hundreds of volunteers who so freely give their time. Without this partnership our riders could not perform to the best of their ability, ultimately providing an amazing experience for the spectators.

“This event helps to supporting our local businesses by attracting visitors to the area. Coleraine Borough Council staff work tremendously hard behind the scenes, with tasks including course set up with fencing and crowd control barriers, installing course protection bails, removing height restriction barriers, digging ditches for run offs, and signage for safety. They also erect information signage throughout the Borough’s triangle area highlighting camp areas, amenities and best viewing areas for spectators.

“Advice and support is also provided by the Environmental Team, Events Team, Public Relations Team, Tourism and Parks Section. Council staff also assist on the post event clean up and I thank everyone for their support.”

Mervyn Whyte MBE also spoke at the Official NW200 Management Team breakfast, thanking Council staff for their half of the work involved within the partnership, stating; “Organising and running the North West 200 is a huge undertaking. Each year we try to think of new ideas of how we can make the next one bigger and better, whilst attracting the soaring numbers of spectators and keeping the event safe. Without the help of Council staff and the army of 800 plus volunteers who provide the platform on which the race is built, there simply would be no North West 200.”

The Vauxhall International North West 200 will be hosted in the Borough of Coleraine from 13th to 18th May 2013. For information on the event, details of accommodation and entertainment including Coleraine Borough Council’s Race Week Festival, go to www.colerainebc.gov.uk or www.northcoastni.com