Plenty of excitement as Charlie wins Ninja Karts

Ninja Karts
Ninja Karts

For the second meeting in succession at Aghadowey Oval there was a Scottish winner in the programme’s feature event.

Young Charlie Hardie landed the Ninja Karts King of Aghadowey trophy after a fantastic lead battle with Broughshane’s Jay Clyde.

During the rest of the Hollytree Rare Breeds Farm sponsored meeting, there were also heat and final doubles for Jordan Rochford (Lightning Rods), Stephen McCready (ProStocks), Adam McFall (Junior Productions) and Curtis Greer (Thunder Rods).

The Ninja Karts lined up in graded order for their heats, with the points scored during the two qualifiers forming the grid for the King of Aghadowey final. Bobby Henderson set the initial pace in the opening heat, and the impressive white grader held sway at the front for much of the race distance. He couldn’t hold back Charlie Hardie though, as the young Scot swooped by to take the victory ahead of Henderson and Megan Murray. If the opener was good, then the second heat was even better as Daniel Stewart took the early lead ahead of Henderson. Many eyes were on a ferocious battle between Hardie and top local runner Jay Clyde. They swapped places a number of times and arrived amongst the leaders as the finish approached. With backmarkers involved too it was Megan Murray who claimed her first ever win in the formula, just a few weeks before she is forced to retire having reached the upper age limit. Stewart, Hardie and Lily Gallagher rounded out the top four.

Murray, Hardie and Henderson shared the front row for the final, and following an early stoppage for a crash it was all about just two drivers - Hardie and Clyde. In a tremendous battle the duo were barely separated for the whole distance, and a gaggle of backmarkers saw Hardie go outside and Clyde swoop inside to take the lead. It looked as though the local lad would hold on for the win, but Hardie out-fumbled him in more backmarkers within sight of the flag to take a sensational King of Aghadowey victory by the narrowest of margins. Callum Magill took third spot whilst long distance traveller Cole McGann from Cork was awarded the TwoZeroSix Personal Training Most Improved Driver award. The youngsters produced some thrilling racing throughout the evening, with each and every one of them deserving credit.