POOL: Tennents Pool League reverts to one division format

THE Tennents Coleraine and District Pool League held their Annual General Meeting this week with a number of changes agreed on for the coming season.

This year will see the league returning to one division, after a number of years as a multi-division league.

However, in order to keep it as competitive as possible, a new play off system will be introduced to decide the league champions.

The top four teams at the end of the normal season will proceed to the semi finals, with the winners going on to an end of season ‘winner-takes-all’ contest to be crowned the league champions.

After the excitement of last year’s Division 1 title race which went to a play–off, it seemed right to guarantee such an occasion this season and hopefully for the future.

The teams that finish in the next four places (5th to 8th) will also play off for what will, effectively, be a second division title.

Any remaining teams will also have a chance to pick up some silverware as the ‘bottom competition’ will now be limited to those teams outside of the top eight. This means there will be plenty to play for when the league campaign kicks off towards the end of this month.

Alongside this new structure, a new playing format will also be introduced. The league will be brought into line with all international team events and all Northern Ireland team events, by using a single frame format for the first ever time.

A one frame format was trialled in last year’s cup events, and it proved to be a success. Due to this, there was overwhelming support for the league to adapt it for the standard season this year.

The matches will be played best of 20 frames, with four sessions of five frames, teams may use up to seven players during a match if they wish, with a minimum of five required to complete.

* The next meeting will be held in the Railway Arms on Tuesday, September 11 at 7.45pm. All teams wishing to enter the league for the 20112/13 seasom must be in attendance.

They must bring their list of players with them, as well as their entry fees and sureties. Total fees remain the same at £100, £50 entry fee and £50 surety, the latter being refundable subject to fines and completion of the league campaign.

Anyone who requires further information, or is unable to attend the meeting, please contact secretary Raymond Baxter on 07909585853, or by email raybaxter5@btinternet.com.