Quiet man Gerry powers to even more records

Gerry McAfee performs a deadlift.
Gerry McAfee performs a deadlift.

LOCAL powerlifter, Gerry McAfee has done it again after breaking an amazing five records at the recent Irish Open Powerlifting Championships in Drogheda.

The Portbalintrae man, who lifts in the Masters Four category for lifters between 55 and 59, showed his class once more with an excellent display.

Lifting in the 100kg division Gerry made five lifts over the world record, much to his delight.

“It was a great day,” he told Times Sport.

“Obviously I’m very pleased with muy performance, especially as it didn’t start as how I’d would have like.

“I missed my first squat, then broke the record with my second, before breaking it by 30kg with my third lift to reach 380kg.

“I had hoped to lift 400kg on the day.

“In the deadlift I struggled with my grip after hurting my hand but I broke the record with a lift of 343kg, which was fairly comfortable. This broke my own senior record, but to have another record at my age is very satisfying as there are some real top quality lifters in Ireland at the minute.

“I have suffered a lot with injury down the years and a tricep rupture a few years back effects my Bench Press.

“It was never my strongest lift but it’s down 55 or 60kg on what I could be doing now, which would take me over the record in my division. It also effects your overall score.

“However I still managed to break the record on the day, so I was very pleased.”

Gerry gets great support from Sammy Graham at his gym in Ballymoney.

“I’d like to give a special mention to Sammy and also Ronnie McFadden,” he said.

“And also my training partners Davy Anderson, Alan Tosh, Matthew Balfour and Kyle Vauls and all the other guys for their encouragement.

“I have sometimes been accussed of leaving it in the gym but Sammy and the guys kept me going this time.

“Matthew also had a very good dayin the 100kg Open. squatting 330kg, benching 250kg and dead lift of 300kg. He has amazing potential.”

Gerry’s long time friend, Sammy Graham, paid tribute to his exploits on the day.

“Gerry really is the quiet man, he just doesn’t realise how good he is,” said Sammy.

“I adjudicate all over and nobody lifts what he does.

“Everybody looks on in amazement when Gerry lifts, he really is phenomenal.

“It comes very easy to him even though he has been unlucky with a few injuries down the years. I’m delighted for him.

“We have some great lifters at the gym at the minute they are all working hard and getting the results.”