Robert wins qualifying event

The weekend charity competition at the Brown Trout was a qualifying event in support of the Mary Peters Trust (Fred Daly Memorial Trophy).

Conditions were ideal with sunshine and a cooling breeze and that wiley old campaigner Robert Orr (12) showed the rest of the field a clean pair of heels with a winning score of 42 points. Opening with four pars he completed the front nine in 39 shots to accumulate 20 points despite single pointers at the eighth and ninth holes. Fortunately those were the only single pointers on the card as Robert improved by two shots over the second nine and added 22 points with a strong finish of par par birdie.

His two nearest rivals were James Montgomery (18) and Tommy McGowan (8) both returning scores of 40 points. James opened with 18 and added 22 but failing to score at the first and fourteenth holes proved his undoing. Tommy, with an opening birdie at the first and further birdies at the fourteenth and seventh, had nines of 21 and 19. The winner will go forward to represent the club at the NI Finals on 13th September.