St Colman’s are out on their own at the summit

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With a home win against St. Mary’s last week, it is now St. Colman’s who lead the pack at the top of North West Division 1.

They must not get too complacent however, for only three points separate the top four teams. St. Colman’s got off to a slow start with Declan McCann (St. Mary’s) beating David Walker (St. Colman’s) 11 shots to seven shots. Paul McCook then brought the match back to level pegging with a three shot win over David Gaile (St. Mary’s). Aaran Tennant (St. Colman’s) and Jordan Mullan (St. Mary’s) drew six shots apiece.

It was Martin McAleese who brought the glory to St. Colman’s with a 14 shots to seven shots win against Harold Kelly (St. Mary’s).

Dunluce Parish got back to winning ways with a good away win over the Marian. It all started so well for the Marian with both James Martin and Brian McAlary winning their respective matches against Uel McKeeman and Alastair McIntyre (Dunluce). Ian Kerr (Dunluce) then beat William McCaw (Marian) 15 shots to five shots and with Rodney Kane (Dunluce) having a three shot advantage against Terence McGarry (Marian) the bonus points went to Dunluce.

Loughanreagh are climbing steadily up the League table. They picked up a very useful six points this week in their match with Dunloy Presbyterian. Ian Ross (L’reagh) beat Joe Campbell (Dunloy) and Alan Irwin (L’reagh) had five shots to spare over Thomas Paul (Dunloy) to leave Loughanreagh two up at the break. Mark Shaw played very well to pull a game back for Dunloy in his win against Alastair Steele (L’reagh). That was all the comfort Dunloy got for in the final game Edwin Irwin (L’reagh) beat Stephen Dunlop (Dunloy) to secure the overall win.

Ballinrees are also going well. They entertained Boveedy and had a seven shots advantage to pick up 6 points. Victor Millen (B’rees) beat Doughie Morrow (B’veedy) 13 shots to six shots. Uel Gordon (B’rees) then won against Robert Sufferin (B’veedy). In the second half Jonathan Calvin kept the momentum going for Ballinrees, beating Ashley McCahon (B’veedy) 10 shots to seven shots. Boveedy got a consolation point when Alan Catherwood had a win against William Calvin (B’rees).

Finvoy Presbyterian got a shock to their system as visitors’ Moneydig, went home with 6 points. Finvoy drew first blood when Roy hunter had two shots to spare over Brian McFetridge (Moneydig). Trevor Workman levelled the match by beating Joe Moore (Finvoy) nine shots to seven shots. Willie Knight (Moneydig) squeezed out a one shot advantage against Chris Jones (Finvoy) and Alan McAleese (Moneydig) won by a similar margin in his game with Adam Hunter (Finvoy).

New Row picked up five points with this away win over Garvagh and District. With wins from both Freddie Monahan and Jonathan Elder (New Row) against David Workman and Elizabeth McCafferty (Garvagh) respectively, New Row were leading two nil at the break. Garvagh came out fighting in the second half. They pulled a game back when Peter Reynolds beat Mark Callaghan (New Row) by four shots. Geoffery Boyce (Garvagh) then had a 10 shots to five shots win against Joe Elkin (New Row) but it was not enough to earn the home team the overall win.

Castlerock hosted Drumreagh this week. Again this was a very tight affair. Ronnie Steele (C’rock) and Carson Boyd (D’reagh) could not be separated, each scoring eight shots. Brian Wilson then eased Castlerock ahead with a 10 shots to seven shots win over Raymond Clyde (D’reagh). Drumreagh then took the lead when Edwin Jackson beat Victor Callaghan (C’rock) 13 shots to seven shots. Evergreen Jackie Hutchinson brought the points home to Castlerock with a seven shot victory against Aubrey Walker (D’reagh).

Congratulations to Sammy McMath, Tommy Mullan, Barry Kane and Uel McKeeman who won the British Isles Rinks at the recent Championships held in the Leisure Centre, Coleraine.





6.30PM; T. Paul (Dunloy) v A. Kelly (B’rees); P. McQuillan (St. Pat’s P’rush) v S. Jamieson (B’shane); A. Steele (L’reagh) v J. Elder (New Row); Gareth McLean (St. Colum’s) v W. McCaw (Marian); U. Gordon (B’rees) v J. Nicholl (B’side); A. Catherwood (Boveedy) v E. Irwin (L’reagh); W. Knight (M’dig) v A. Taggart (B’shane); R. Hunter (Finvoy) v G. Kelly (B’brakes); M. Shaw (Dunloy) v I. Ross (L’reagh); C. Jones (Finvoy) v J. Calvin (B’rees); D. Morrow (Boveedy) v B. McAlary (Marian); H. Kelly (St. Mary’s) v C. Murray (St. Colum’s); J. Moore (Finvoy) v W. Calvin (B’rees); T. Workman (2nd. Kilrea) v H. Arbuthnot (D’reagh)

7.15PM; H. Williamson (B’side) v J. Campbell ( 1st. Coleraine);



6.00PM; J. Nicholl (B’side) v J. Moore (Finvoy); D. Gaile (St. Mary’s) v N. Gamble (L’reagh); J. Elder (New Row) v A. Catherwood (Boveedy); Gareth McLean (St. Colum’s) v U. Gordon (B’rees); A. Steele (L’reagh) v J. Campbell (1st. Col.); S. Jamieson (B’shane) v B. McAlary (Marian); G. Kelly (B’brakes) v B. McAllister (St. Pat’s P’rush); T. O’Neill (St. Colum’s) v H. Arbuthnot (D’reagh); V. Millen (B’rees) v A. Taggart (B’shane); D. Morrow (B’veedy) v H. Kelly (St. Mary’s);

7.00PM; T. Workman (2nd. Kilrea) v W. McCaw (Marian); I. Ross (L’reagh) v Adam Hunter (Finvoy); B. O’Neill (St. Colum’s) v J. Calvin (B’rees)

Note; If there is need for a play-off in either the triples or fours, these will take place on Wednesday 18th. December 2013 at either 1st. Coleraine or Loughanreagh halls.