Stretching exercises can help with swing rotation

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MOVING on from last week’s series of movements where you will have experienced some new stretching positions and quite possibly found some tightness or restriction in different muscles groups.

This week I’ll help you to progress another four moves into the first salutation.

The stretches and movements from last week and this week will help to set the pelvis in a more neutral position and thereby affecting a better spine position, which will also aid better rotation.


(Last week’s finishing position, also known as Down Dog)

Last week we finished in a position where the palms and soles of the feet were placed on the ground, with the hips pushed fully into the air. If you could imagine making an A shape with your body, you’ll understand where you should be.


Moving from the position above, inhale deeply as you raise your head slightly and then jump or step your feet forward between your hands.


From the position above, exhale fully as you lower your head and if possible place the palms of the hands on the ground.


From the position above, hold your balance as you inhale deeply and stand up fully, moving from the hips, drawing the arms up past your sides and above your head, placing the palms together and focusing your gaze towards the hands.


From the position above, on the exhale, lower your hands to your sides and let your gaze fall to the front.

Summary: Fuse the movements from last week and this week into one series of movements which is the first salutation of Ashtanga Yoga. Really try to move at the speed of your deep breathing pattern and repeat the movements five times over. Get these movements right before next week and you’ll be ready to move into the second part of the series.

Next week is the second salutation and will progress into strengthening of the legs, with hip and inner thigh mobilisation.