Swifts set the early pace at top

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With only three games played the Villa Swifts remain the only team with maximum points after an emphatic win over over Third Tree putting them one point clear at the top of the League Table after Tigers Bar were held to a draw against Berthas.

Scotch House A fought back from 4-2 down to earn a deserved point against Sperrin Flights leaving both teams sharing

Third place with Berthas and Hecklers who had a narrow win over Kellys Inn. In the other games this week Villa fought back from 4-2 down to earn a point at home to the Social Club while Sperrin earned their first points of the season with a win away to Scotch House B.

Once again the standard of darts throughout the league was excellent with four 180s thrown by Stephen McAfee (Hecklers), Alan Boyd (Sperrin Flights), Stephen Patterson & Ronnie Elliott (Berthas Bar). Highest Checkout this week was 128 (T18, T18, D10) by Dan Hyndman (Tigers Bar) other top checkouts came from Gardiner G McKay (Villa Swifts) who finished on a very good 112 while Enda Mullan (Hecklers.

Best Individual performance this week goes to Davy Glenn (Villa Swifts) who put in a superb display with legs in 16 & 19 darts, while Alan Boyd (Sperrin Flights) was throwing well with legs in 19 & 21 darts.

Best Individual Legs this week: 16 - Davy Glenn (Villa Swifts); 17 - David Finlay (Berthas), Alan McVicker, Steven Campbell (Social Club); 18 - Ronnie Elliott (Berthas), Stephen McCarron, Stephen Collins (Tigers Bar); 19 - Davy Glenn (Villa Swifts), Alan Boyd (Sperrin Flights), Aaron Hall (Social Club); 20 - Gerard Dallas (Villa Swifts), James McAlary (Hecklers), Paul Montgomery (Kellys Inn), James Walker (Sperrin Flights), Timothy McLelland (Scotch A), Rodney Kane (Villa); 21 - Clark Scott (Villa Swifts), Barry McLaughlin, Alan Boyd (Sperrin Flights), Alan Craig x 2 (Scotch A), Ian Patterson (Berthas), John Evangelista (Tigers Bar).