Swifts win Villa derby

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The Villa’s nine game unbeaten run came to an end on Friday night in their Derby match against the Villa Swifts in a match that wasn’t quite as one-sided as the 7-1 scoreline would suggest.

Thatch meanwhile moved back to the top of the league after they defeated Scotch House 7-1 in a re-arranged fixture followed by another excellent team performance on Friday night as they cruised to a 7-1 victory over Railway Arms. Sperrin Flights continue to keep the pressure on the Thatch as they too also won 7-1 against Social Club while Berthas continue to keep pace with the Villa Swifts with a 7-1 win against Cooleys.

Scotch House meanwhile bounced back from their defeat against Thatch to defeat Kellys Inn 6-2 and maintain sixth place. The other derby match of the night saw the struggling Floyds B put up a good fight against Floyds A but eventually lost 6-2.

Player of the Week goes once again to the impressive Gerald Dallas (Villa Swifts) who put in a superb performance winning legs in 16 & 17 darts as well as hitting six scores of 100+ in a 2-0 win.

Highest Finish this week goes to Ronnie Elliott (Berthas) with a very good 113 checkout while Billy Thompson (Scotch House) finished well on 109.

There were only the three 180s this week: John Moore, Owen McLaughlin (Thatch) and Seamus Rodgers (Kellys Inn)

Best Individual Legs this Week: 16 - Gerald Dallas (Swifts), Alan McVicker (Social Club), David Finlay (Berthas); 17 - Gerald Dallas (Swifts); 19 - Rodney Kane (Villa), Owen McLaughlin, Paul Brown, Joe Donnelly (Thatch); 20 - Damian Norton (Swifts), Philip Moffitt (Villa), Conrad Watson, Danny O’Neill, Paul Brown (Thatch), Gary Watton (Sperrin Flights), Ian Sinclair (Berthas); 21 - Vernon Phillips (Railway Arms), Danny O’Neill, Hugh Wilson, Ronan Murray (Thatch).

Iris Walsh League Individuals:

This coming Friday will begin the first Iris Walsh Memorial League Individuals. This will be played over the next two weeks with 32 players qualifying through the first night to play in the Finals night the following week. All games on the first rounds will be best of 3 x 501. The draw is as follows: BYE v Aaron Hall; Trevor Sinclair v David Bowman; BYE v Eamon Guyler; Scott Craig v Ricky McMullan; BYE v Danny O’Neill; Campbell Kennedy v Francie Kelly; BYE v Jason McNeill; Paddy McCloskey v William Robertson; BYE v Jordan Horner; Stephen Patterson v Christopher Greer; BYE v William Hutton; James Glenn v David Finlay; BYE v Roy Friel; Darren Moffatt v Davy Morrow; BYE v Kevin Scanlon; Stephen McCarron v Timothy McLelland; BYE v James Walker; Owen McLaughlin v William McGowan; BYE v William Laverty; Billy Thompson v Barry McLaughlin; BYE v Ronan Murray; William McKendry v Jamie Owens; BYE v Eugene Phair; Jimmy Elliott v William Bradley; BYE v Gary Watton;

BYE v Davy Toner; Ian Patterson v Joe McLaughlin; BYE v Jarlath McGarry; BYE v Sam Greer; Hugh Wilson v Rodney Kane; BYE v Ivan Mullan; Mervyn Greer v John Gaile; BYE v Barney McLaughlin; BYE v Clark Scott; BYE v Davy Glenn; Stephen Collins v Alan Boyd;

BYE v Brian O’Neill; Ian Sinclair v Trevor Holland; BYE v Joe Donnelly; Pearse McGarry v Willis Kane; Gregg McVicker v Gerald Dallas; BYE v Chris Murray; Ronnie Elliott v Danny McLaughlin; BYE v Keith Gibson; Alan Greer v Stephen Campbell; BYE v Elmer McPeake;

BYE v Mark McKeown; BYE v Vinnie McKay; BYE v Robert McKinlay; Jim McIntyre v John Moore; BYE v Damian Norton; Davy McGregor v Dan Hyndman; BYE v Philip Moffitt; BYE v Paul Brown; Martin Barr v Padraig O’Reilly; BYE v Paddy Coyles; BYE v David O’Hara;

Stephen Pinkerton v Ryan Parks; BYE v David Hill; BYE v Derek Kennedy; Ali Owens v Gary Friel; BYE v Jim Doherty; Alan McVicker v Conrad Watson; BYE v Richard McKeown;

Players can see the Board draws at www.colerainedarts.moonfruit.com

Results Friday 4 January:

Villa Swifts 7-1 Villa

Railway Arms 1-7 Thatch

Sperrin Flights 7-1 Social Club

Berthas 7-1 Cooleys

Floyds B 2-6 Floyds A

Scotch House 6-2 Kellys Inn

Re-Arranged Fixture:

Thatch 7-1 Scotch House