SWIMMING: Kyle wins at National Para-Swimming Championships

Kyle Cooper
Kyle Cooper

Kyle Cooper from Coleraine Swimming Club represented Scotland at the National Para-Swimming Championships, in Manchester last weekend .

Kyle currently trains once a month with the Scottish National Swimming Academy as part of the Scottish Swim Squad as an S14 classified swimmer.

Yna Cisnero in Focus Belfast 2021 Age Group Swimming Festival.

Yna Cisnero in Focus Belfast 2021 Age Group Swimming Festival.

This is Kyle’s third year as part of this squad.

At this national event in Manchester he performed extremely well achieving the 50m, 100m and 200m Freestyle Champion in S14 11-13 age-group.

Kyle achieved all three personal best times – with the 200m freestyle race being an amazing 11 second PB.

Meanwhile, another Coleraine Swimming Club’s member, 12-year-old Yna Cisnero, was selected by Swim Ulster to participate in the Focus Belfast 2021 Age Group Swimming Festival which took place between heats and finals during the Ulster LC Championships.

Belfast has been awarded the VII Commonwealth Youth Games in 2021 which targets athletes who are currently between 11-14 years.

This event is held to promote the event and motivate this age group to work hard towards possible Northern Ireland representation.

Congratulations to Yna who was selected to swim in this exhibition piece last weekend. She has a very bright swimming future ahead of her.