Terrific week for Thatch

As the halfway stage of the League Championship approaches the Thatch were handed a bonus result this week when second placed Sperrin Flights suffered their first League defeat in 36 matches a run stretching back to the start of last year.

After leading the Villa 3-0 they could only watch on as Villa fought back to win 5-3 and close the gap between themselves and the Sperrin Flights to just two points. The Thatch maintained their 100% start to the year with an impressive victory over Social Club where they came from behind to win 7-1 hitting no less than eight legs in 21 darts or less including five 17 dart legs. This now gives the Thatch a comfortable three point lead over the Sperrin Flights making next week’s crunch match involving the top two all more important for the Sperrin Flights.

Villa Swifts and Berthas both remain in joint third with the Villa after both teams had impressive wins over Floyds B and Railway Arms respectively whilst the gap down to sixth increased more after Floyds A held Scotch House to a draw. The only other game of the night saw Kellys Inn move further away from the bottom after a narrow 5-3 victory against Cooleys who remain at the bottom and still seaching for their first win.

Player of the Week this week goes to Scotch House’s Mervyn Greer who won his game in 17+18 darts, a superb display by one of the league’s best up and coming players.

There were some other good performances on the night, David Finlay (Berthas) was again on form as he won his game with legs in 17 + 20 darts as was Davy Glenn (Villa Swifts) with legs in 17 + 21 darts. Conrad Watson (Thatch) played well to win his game in 18 + 21 darts while William McKendry (Villa Swifts) had another good game winning legs in 19 + 20 darts.

There were just the two 180s hit this week from Andrew Allen (Social Club) and Gerald Dallas (Villa Swifts) although Billy Thompson (Scotch House) did score an impressive 171.

Highest Checkout this week was 114 by Jimmy Elliott (Scotch House) while Gary Watton (Sperrin Flights) had a very good 110 checkout.

Best Individual legs this week: 17 - Hugh Wilson, David O’Hara, Owen McLaughlin, Padraig O’Reilly, Danny O’Neill (All Thatch Bar), Davy Glenn (Villa Swifts), David Finlay (Berthas), Mervyn Greer (Scotch House); 18 - Conrad Watson (Thatch Bar), Paddy Coyles (Villa), James Walker (Sperrin Flights), Mervyn Greer (Scotch House); 19 - David Hill (Social Club), Pearse McGarry (Villa), William McKendry (Villa Swifts), Chris Greer (Scotch House); 20 - John Moore (Thatch Bar), Jarlath McGarry (Villa), William McKendry (Villa Swifts), David Finlay (Berthas), Stephen McCarron, Harry Stirling (Floyds A), Chris Greer (Scotch House); 21 - Conrad Watson (Thatch Bar), Gary Watton (Sperrin Flights), Philip Moffitt (Villa), Damian Norton (Villa Swifts), Willis Kane (Berthas).

Captains are reminded that this week’s league matches (16th Nov) are the last matches in which teams can register new players also players are only registered once they have been involved in a league match.

Fixtures Friday 16 November

Scotch House v Villa Swifts

Railway Arms v Floyds A

Villa v Berthas

Thatch v Sperrin Flights

Kellys Inn v Social Club

Floyds B v Cooleys

Inter Area/County Championship

This Saturday will be the third round of the NI Inter Area/County Championship Area 1 will play Area 9b in Berthas Bar, Castlerock. Match Starts at 1pm.

The League and Area would like to congratulate Daryl Gurney who won the Northern Ireland Open at the weekend beating Netherlands Willy Van Der Wiel in the Final, also well done once again to Paul Brown in reaching the Semi-finals where he lost 5-4 to Daryl in a close game.