Thatch and Railway Celebrate Cup Wins

Friday night brought the Finals of the first of this years cups with the Top and Bottom Cups.

The Top Cup played in the Scotch House in Bushmills saw Thatch against Villa and Sperrin Flights against Berthas in the semi-finals. The first semi saw Villa who were missing several of their best throwers go 2-0 up against the Thatch through Paddy Coyles (3x100) and Rodney Kane (140, 137, 100).

Paddy McCloskey (4x100) pulled one back for Thatch before John Moore (125) came back to defeat Francis Kelly (140, 137, 125, 100) and level the tie. Man of Match Joe Donnelly (140, 100, 17+22 darts) put Thatch into the lead for the first time before Danny O’Neill (140, 100) followed by Hugh Wilson (140, 100) put Thatch 5-2 up and into the Final.

The second semi was a much closer affair with Berthas going into the early lead through Campbell Kennedy (125, 118, 18 darts), Sperrin hit back taking the next two games through William Robertson (123, 2x100) & Barry McLaughlin (135, 126, 100, 21 darts) before Roy Friel (125, 100) pulled one out of bag to defeat Alan Boyd (140, 138, 5x100) and level the score. Brian O’Neill (100) put Sperrin back in front before Willis Kane (2x140, 2x100) followed by Man of the Match Ronnie Elliott (145, 121, 150 finish) put Berthas 4-3 up. Sperrin levelled the match again through James Walker (3x100, 20darts) before Ian Patterson (2x100) stepped up to take the decider and put Berthas into the Final.

The Final was all one way traffic however, Conrad Watson (140, 121, 112, 100, 18 darts) took the first for Thatch, Man of the Match Paul Brown (177, 120, 14 darts) took the next before Danny O’Neill (180, 140, 100, 15 darts) put Thatch 3-0 up. Paddy McCloskey (140,125, 2x100) managed to hold of the challenge of Ian Patterson (2x 140, 100) in the fourth before Owen McLaughlin (140) made it 5-0 to win Thatch the Cup.

The Bottom Cup was played in Floyds Bar, Coleraine and saw Railway Arms against Social Club while Floyds A played Kellys Inn in the semi-finals. Both Railway and Social were unable to name a full team though Railway were one player better off giving them the advantage to which Kevin Scanlon (180, 112, 2x100) added too. Andrew Allen (112, 100) pulled one back for Social before Man of the Match Chris Murray (140, 134, 100, 17 darts) put Railway 3-1 up.

David Shirlow won the next for Social but Railway went on to win the match through Eugene Phair (2x100) and Aaron Hall (2x100). Favourites for the Cup Floyds A got of to a good start with Man of the Match John Evangelista (140, 110finish) putting them one up, Vinnie McKay (100) levelled for Kellys before Raymond Watt (2x171) restored Floyds lead. Ali Watt (140, 100) made it 3-1 for Floyds before Harry Stirling followed by Stephen McCarron (100) won to send Floyds into the final.

With Railway Arms a player short in the final Floyds started 1-0 up, Vernon Phillips (100) levelled the match in the first before Aaron Hall (3x100) turned the match around and put Railway 2-1 up. Stephen McCarron (2x100) folowed by Man of the Match John Evangelista (120, 114 finish, 21 darts) put Floyds back in front. Stephen Holmes (100) levelled the match again for Railway before Harry Stirling put Floyds back in front then Railway levelled the match again through Ali Owens to take the match to a deciding game where Kevin Scanlon (2x140, 125, 118, 2x100) held of the Challenge of Geoff Glass (100) to win Railway Arms the Cup.

The Ivor Glenn Charity 3-a-sides will take place this coming Friday (February 15th) in Berthas Bar, Castlerock, all teams need to be registered for 8.30pm sharp so draw can be made and games started for 9pm sharp. Entry fee is £10 per team.