The early follow through

From impact and into the early follow through with this week’s tips you’ll release the full force available into the golf ball.

Here are some checkpoints to polish up on, for that extra yardage.


Just through impact you will really feel the force move from the ground up through the front knee and femur.

As the left leg is posted fully, the ball joint on top of the femur then drives upwards into the front side of the pelvis, forcing it into a fuller clearance and rotation left towards the target.

A full posting of the front leg is an anchor point to release the trailing side of the body towards the target.

Failing to do this properly, results in a massive loss of distance.


Just 10-12 inches through the ball and the clubhead has released fully, with the left wrist still flat at this stage and the grip end of the club pointing back towards the centre of the body.

As the club is fully released, the bodyweight is mostly on the front leg, with the back foot trailing the ground only with the toes.

Really try to get into that super long arm and club shaft position.

This is where there is a full extension of the releasing arm.

In a still picture or video frame, you could draw a straight line from the shoulder to the clubhead.

When you can swing the clubhead low through the ball and extend the releasing arm fully, you will hit the ball so much further.


Moving through towards waist high on the follow through, it’s really important to keep the clubhead as far away from the body as possible.

If you haven’t got that free flowing rotation of the body and extension of the arms on the follow through, chances are you’ll end up with your arms stuck too close to your body, then causing a ‘chicken winging’ of the forward arm.

This will cause a real dent in your ability to hit the ball further and also many other mis-directed and badly struck golf shots.

Make a big effort to swing the arms and clubhead wide into the follow through and thereby avoiding that chicken wing, along with elbow and shoulder pain.

So post up and release wide into the follow through!

Michael Langford

Golf Performance Ireland

Roe Park Resort.