The Marian take advantage to move up to second place in Division One

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With leaders, Loughanreagh having no league match this week, the Marian with a good away win against fellow rivals Dunluce move up into second place in the NWIBL.

Dunluce won the first game with Uel McKeeman getting the better of Aidan Cassley (Marian) by just one shot. The Marian went into the lead at the break when Jim Martin beat Ian Kerr (Dunluce) 13-4 in the end.

Alister Kirkpatrick then put Dunluce ahead with a six shot win against Brian McAlary (Marian). It was all down to the last game but as William McCaw (Marian) and Rodney Kane (Dunluce) could not be separated on ten shots apiece, the Marian won the overall score by two shots to pick up a very valuable four and a half points.

Ballinrees made the long journey out to Boveedy but in a very tight game they just failed to get a win. Andrew Wallace (Boveedy) lost the first game to Victor Millen (B’rees) by seven shots.

Robert Sufferin then forged Boveedy into the lead when he beat William Calvin (B’rees), 15-5. Both games in the second half ended in draws, Alan Catherwood (B’veedy) against David Calvin (B’rees) finished 13 shots each and Ashley McCahon (B’veedy) and Uel Gordon (B’rees) finished seven shots apiece to give Boveedy an overall win of three shots.

The St. Mary’s match with St. Colman’s was also very close. Liam Ferris (St. Mary’s) scraped through against Aaran Tennant (St. Colman’s) by one shot. Paul Donnelly put St. Mary’s in front by beating Paul McCook (St. Colman’s) 10-7.

Declan McCann increased St. Mary’s lead with a 13-6 win against David Walker (St. Colman’s).

However Martin McAleese brought some comfort to the visitors with a 13-2 victory over Jim Graham (St. Mary’s).

The committee of the North West Indoor Bowling League would like to congratulate all those players from the League who represented their country so successfully in the recent British Isles Championships.