The Vitality Programme mid-level

Once you have tried out your four weeks training with the energy programme or you feel that it wasn’t tough enough, proceed to the next level with the Vitality Programme using a cable machine and a swiss ball.


Set your cable just above shoulder height, take hold of the cable handle in your right hand and move into a split stance, with the left leg forward one pace and the knees slightly flexed at your starting position.

Initiate your movement from the back leg, rotating your trunk forward and pressing the right arm fully out in front of the right shoulder.

Keep your forearm aligned to the cable throughout the exercise, returning smoothly to the starting position.

10 Reps each side Moderate Speed of Movement 1-4 Sets


Set your cable to full machine height, have your left leg forward and take the cable handle in your right hand. From here, take a full step back with your right leg, keeping the knees soft and draw the cable back fully, rotating the trunk so that the elbow points back behind you. Have your left arm extended fully in line with the cable.

Return smoothly back to the start position maintaining your split stance and repeat.

10 Reps each side Moderate Speed of Movement 1-4 Sets


Lunge in five different directions with each leg to work, stabilise and strengthen the legs muscles. Maintain good posture and keep the abdominal muscles drawn in gently.

Lunge 1 forward to a 12 o’clock direction.

Lunge 2 forward to a 45 degree angle.

Lunge 3 sideways and work into the glute and outer hip.

Lunge 4 Backwards to a 45 degree angle.

Lunge 5 Backward to a 6 o’clock direction.

Repeat on both sides 1-3 Sets


Sit on a swiss ball, then roll back so that your head and shoulders are on the ball. Lifting your hips so that head, shoulders, hips and knees are in a straight line.

Extending your arms fully to the sides for balance, keep them level as you shuffle your feet to the sides, bringing one shoulder off the ball.

Hold your balance and keep the body level to the ground, before shuffling back and repeating on the other side.

Move only as far out as you can maintain balance and alignment.


Kneel behind a swiss ball with the forearms just behind the apex of the ball.

Draw in the abdominal muscles gently and smoothly roll the arms out over the ball until your body is fully lengthened.

Roll out 3 seconds – hold 3 seconds – roll back 3 seconds 6 Reps 1-3 sets

Again, work on these exercises 2-4 times weekly for four weeks and feel your strength and vitality increase. Keep the weights at a comfortable level where you can lift two repetitions short of your range before becoming too tired or when you lose good form.

Michael Langford

Golf Performance Ireland

Roe Park Resort.