Villa Swifts win again to climb up the table

Another Friday night and another top performance from the Villa Swifts as they continue to progress up the table into joint third alongside Berthas and the Villa who also had convincing wins on the night.

Despite this many feel that even at this early stage the league is a two horse race as Thatch and Sperrin Flights continue to win and keep a convincing four and five point gap over the chasers.

Player of the week this week goes to Villa Swifts player Davy Glenn who was once again on sensational form with legs in 14 and 18 darts as well as hitting a 180 and a 112 checkout. Besides this there were several other top performances from Villa Swifts players, William McKendry with legs in 18 and 19 darts, Gerald Dallas with 17 and 20 dart legs and Damian Norton who hit a 180 and a 102 checkout on his way to finishing legs in 19 and 21 darts.

There were several other excellent performances on show this week, Owen McLaughlin (Thatch Bar) was on excellent form winning his game in 16 and 20 darts while Eamon Guyler (Berthas) took his in 19 and 20 darts and Chris Murray reminded us all what he’s capable of winning his game with two 21 dart legs.

There were six 180s hit this week: Gary Watton (Sperrin Flights), Alan McVicker (Social Club), Davy Glenn, Damian Norton (Villa Swifts), David Finlay (Berthas) and Paul Brown (Thatch)

Highest Checkouts this week: 119 - Matthew Dorrans (Floyds B), 112 - Davy Glenn (Villa Swifts), 106 - Jim Doherty (Social Club), 102 - Damian Norton.

Best Individual Legs this week: 14 - Davy Glenn (Villa Swifts); 16 - Joe McLaughlin (Sperrin Flights), Owen McLaughlin (Thatch Bar); 17 - Gerald Dallas (Villa Swifts); 18 - David Finlay (Berthas), William McKendry, Davy Glenn (Villa Swifts); 19 - Chris Greer (Scotch House), Eamon Guyler, James Glenn (Berthas), William McKendry, Damian Norton (Villa Swifts); 20 - Stephen Pinkerton, Gary Watton (Sperrin Flights), Joe Donnelly, Owen McLaughlin (Thatch Bar), Eamon Guyler (Berthas), Gerald Dallas (Villa Swifts), Pearse McGarry (Villa), David Hill (Social Club); 21 - Barry McLaughlin (Sperrin Flights), Mark McKeown (Scotch House), Damian Norton (Villa Swifts), Chris Murray x 2 (Railway Arms)

Worst recorded leg of the week this week goes to Daryl Buttress who won a leg against the Villa’s Paddy Coyles in 51 darts.

The next League Meeting will take place on Monday 5 November in the Villa Club at 8.45pm. Captains are reminded that all tickets and money are to be returned at this meeting as the draw will take place at this meeting.

The League would like to wish Davy Glenn and the Northern Ireland team all the best as they fly out to Turkey this week for the WDF Europe Cup and hope that they can carry-on from the success of winning both the mens and womens Celtic Cups earlier this year.

Fixtures Friday 2 November:

Floyds A v Villa Swifts

Scotch House v Berthas

Railway Arms v Sperrin Flights

Villa v Social Club

Kellys Inn v Floyds B

Thatch v Cooleys