ARMOY: Full round-up of all the weekend results from the 'Race of Legends'

The Dunlop brothers dominated the SGS International Armoy Road Races, taking four wins between them at their home meeting.

Saturday, 30th July 2016, 6:04 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:23 pm
The Supersport race blasts off at Armoy on Saturday.

William won both Supersport races on his IC Yamaha R6, while Michael completed a double on his MD Racing BMW in the Superbike class, including a record sixth successive triumph in the feature ‘Race of Legends’.

The Armoy Club ran a slick race, completing the full race programme before 5pm to send thousands of fans home happy.


SGS International Superbike

1 M Dunlop (BMW)

2 D Sheils (Suzuki)

3 W Dunlop (Yamaha)

4 D McGee (BMW)

5 D Kneen (Yamaha)

6 M Sweeney (Kawasaki)

7 D Morgan (Kawasaki)

8 S McKnight (Honda)

Fastest lap: M Dunlop 105.943mph

Torquetronix Open Race

1 M Dunlop (BMW)

2 D Sheils (Suzuki)

3 W Dunlop (Yamaha)

4 D Kneen (Yamaha)

5 D McGee (BMW)

6 M Sweeney (Kawasaki)

Fastest lap: M Dunlop 105.911mph

Bayview Hotel Supersport Race 2

1 W Dunlop (Yamaha)

2 D Sheils (Honda)

3 M Sweeney (Yamaha)

4 P Jordan (Honda)

5 C Elkin (Triumph)

6 A Farrell (Honda)

Fastest lap: W Dunlop 100.399mph

First4Printing Supersport Race 1 (Friday)

1 W Dunlop (Yamaha)

2 M Dunlop (Yamaha)

3 D Sheils (Honda)

4 D Kneen (Yamaha)

5 C Elkin (Triumph)

6 M Sweeney (Yamaha)

Fastest lap: M Dunlop 103.713mph

Molly’s Bar & Restaurant Moto3/125GP

1 C Elkin (Moto3 Honda)

2 S Wilson (Honda)

3 P Jordan (Honda)

4 A McLean (Honda)

5 N Kernohan (Honda)

6 J Waring (Moto3 Honda)

Fastest lap: Elkin 86.755mph

McClafferty Haulage/G&G Ross Supertwin

1 J Cowton (Kawasaki)

2 M Sweeney (Kawasaki)

3 C Elkin (Kawasaki)

4 P Jordan (Kawasaki)

5 A McLean (Kawasaki)

6 D Sheils (Kawasaki)

Fastest lap: J Cowton 96.487mph

JW Hickinson/Solitude Motors 250

1 N Kernohan (Honda)

2 D Morgan (Honda)

3 P Robinson (Honda)

4 T Henry (Honda)

Fastest lap: Kernohan 94.924mph

Diamond Bar Lightweight 400

1 M Dokoupil (Yamaha)

2 D Tweed (Kawasaki)

3 D Howard (Kawasaki)

4 B Merrigan (Kawasaki)

Fastest lap: 91.750mph

Park Electrical Services Senior Support

1 B Vicars (Honda)

2 T Henry (Yamaha)

3 S Casey (Yamaha)

4 S Clarke (Suzuki)

Fastest lap: Vicars 95.826mph

Mermaid Club/Armoy Homes Junior Support

1 J Chawke (Kawasaki 650)

2 B Vicars (Kawasaki 650)

3 P Crosbie (Kawasaki 650)

4 V Hankocyova (Kawasaki 650)

Fastest lap: Chawke 86.855mph

Vintage Japanese MCC Classic Race

1 B Davidson (Honda)

2 E Manly (Seeley)

3 G Stinson (Honda)

4 B Lyle (Honda)

New Lap Record: Davidson 80.627mph