Norman takes over the helm at Coleraine Rugby Club

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COLERAINE Rugby and Cricket Club have a new man at the helm.

Norman Blair is a well known figure in the club and he was recently elected to the role of club president. He is approaching the job with enthusiasm and wants to make sure the club continues to prosper on and off the field.

Norman said: “It is a great privilege to be elected president of Coleraine Rugby Football and Cricket Club and I will be working hard to make sure the club remains one of the premier sports clubs in the province.

“We have a fine sporting tradition in the club and we are proud of the level of success and representative honours we have achieved. It is a testament to the commitment and skill of all the coaches and players.

“There is a true family atmosphere within the cricket, rugby and hockey and bowling sections and there are progressive programmes for all our sports. We believe in developing our young talent and bringing them through to enjoy their sport in all the adult games.”

Norman revealed that he has been associated with the rugby section of the club for more than 18 years. He started coaching youth rugby and progressed to manage and coach the senior teams.

It is only in the last year or two that he has taken a back seat in coaching but he has continued to work behind the scenes. Now that has culminated in taking the presidential role.

Norman is looking forward to developments in the club. He said: “These are challenging times and as a club we are calling on all members to support the club and the ambitious plans we have for the future.

“There are a lot of exciting development plans under way and the success of these will be very much down to the members of the club getting behind them. I know that we will get everyone’s support.

“We are also working to develop a social calendar that will cater for all the members of the club and a newly formed committee, involving all aspects of the club, are working hard to achieve this - but they will need the support of the membership”.

The past year has been a training ground for Norman. “I have been well grounded in the role of president by Mark Pyper and I have been shadowing him throughout the last season. Now I am looking forward to representing the club for this season and to hosting visiting teams throughout the year.

“As with all clubs, we face the challenges of the current financial climate, but we face those challenges with a positive attitude and with the support of all the members of the club. We thank Cookstown and all our club sponsors for their continuing support.”

Norman is very positive about the future of the club. “I am very proud to be president of this fine club. We have facilities that are second to none. We have members with the best interests of the club at heart.

“We have some of the most able coaches in the province. Through our youth development programmes we have a strong and growing local base for all our teams.

“The cricket section is already proving its strength in this year’s competitions and I wish every section of the club success for the playing seasons to come.”

New members are always welcome in the club, whether playing or social, young person or adult, returning to sport or looking to help in coaching and managing the players, or those who simply want to play an active sport. Contact any member of the club or call in and ask to speak to someone. You will be very welcome.