Pool League opens out to District teams

The Tennents Coleraine Pool League held their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday night in the Railway Arms.

In one of the longest meetings in recent times, the decision was made that the league would now become a district league.

It was agreed, by the majority of teams represented, that the league would open up to pubs and clubs within a ten mile radius of Coleraine town centre.

The league is hopeful that all players will support this decision, as it was agreed on the night that the change was essential as the league attempts to maintain the high standards that it has set.

There was a long discussion regarding a restriction on the number of players that teams could sign. However, no agreement could be reached and it was eventually decided that things would remain the same, in this respect, for the coming season.

However, due to the depth of feeling, there is no doubt that this will be discussed again in the future.

A slight change to the format was proposed and agreed, with the Scotch doubles matches now being subject to a random draw. Full details of this change will be notified to all captains.

All of last year’s committee were re elected with no objections. Steven Warwick was added as a member of the general committee.

Therefore the committee for the 2011/12 season will be: Chairman: Chris Baxter; Treasurer: Arthur McMullan; Secretary/Press Officer: Raymond Baxter.

General Committee: Tommy McDonald, John McIlreavy, DD Campbell, George Cameron, Steven Warwick.

Proposals were made by the secretary which were unanimously agreed. These included the replacement of monthly draw monies with a set monthly fee, the removal of captains’ meetings throughout the season and changes to league fees and the fine system.

The next meeting will be in the Railway Arms, Coleraine, on Tuesday, August 30 at 8.00pm. All teams that wish to participate in the league for the coming season must be represented at this meeting.

They must bring their player registration forms (max 8 players) and the required fees. Anyone requiring any further information prior to this meeting is asked to contact the secretary Raymond Baxter on 07909585853 or by email raybaxter5@btinternet.com