POOL: Standing ovation for brilliant Davy

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DAVY Tosh received a standing ovation as he received the 147 Individuals award at the Coleraine Tennents Pool League annual dinner in the Sperrin Club last Friday night.

Ninety guests, including family and friends, rose to their feet to hail Davy - who has been battling with serious illness for the past few months, as he claimed his record-breaking SIXTH Singles title.

Trevor Harte said Davy deserved massive respect for overcoming his health challenges to win Coleraine Pool’s top prize again, to go alongside two World titles he gained as a member of the Northern Ireland team.

Davy rewrote the record books with a 6-5 victory in a thrilling final victory over the gallant Raymond Baxter.

Another big winner on the night was up and coming talent, Gary Wallace, who won the Most Improved Player, top Coleraine Player at the recent NIPA Inter-League series and the League Doubles with Alan Tosh.

Forge A took the Division 1 title while the rampaging Railway Arms team took the Division 2 equivalent.

2012 Roll of Honour:

Clement Dealey Knockout Plate: Railway Arms.

Clement Dealey Knockout Cup: Sperrin A. Runners-up, Forge A.

Most Sporting Team: Mary Pats.

Roost Bottom 6 Cup: Forge Bar. Runners-up, Forge B.

Railway Arms Top 6 Cup: Sperrin A. Runners-up, Bull’s Eye A.

Bull’s Eye 3 Person Team: Jimmy Moore, Chris Wade, Willie Boreland.

Most Improved Player: Gary Wallace.

League Doubles: Alan Tosh and Gary Wallace.

Under 23 Individuals: Mark Hutchison. Runner-up, John Houston.

NIPA Inter League Player of Tournament (Coleraine): Gary Wallace.

Senior Invididuals: Paul Baird.

Coleraine Times Captains’ Cup: Scott Clarke; Runner-up, Andy Hutchinson.

Coleraine Tennents Pool League, Division 2: Railway Arms.

Coleraine Tennents Pool League, Division 1: Forge A.

147 Individuals: Davy Tosh.