ROWING: Bobby hoping for more success

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BOBBY Platt hopes this will be the start of things to come for Bann Rowing Club.

The ‘Godfather’ of local rowing was a proud man as he welcomed the Olympic medalists back home last week, but he hopes more will follow in their footsteps.

“It’s a fantastic boost for the sport, being here today, and I really hope there will be more in the future,” he said.

And as for the title of godfather, Bobby’s modest demeanour and infectious humour make him one of the most humble men involved in the sport.

“Some people have been asking what’s in the water here in Coleraine that’s producing these rowers,” he said.

“I haven’t done too bad in my time. Not everybody keeps up with it. Some go and get married. I’m here now and I’ve been here for a good while. Just turned 90 there in February.”

Despite his fantastic contribution to rowing he’s still very active — having coached a host of top oarsmen over his 71 years in the sport.

Recalling the early days in Coleraine when he was first starting out, he said the chances of an Olympic victory were very slim, as it wasn’t included in the Games until after the Second World War.

“I was rowing long before it was an Olympic sport — but I haven’t done too bad in my time,” he added.