Seeley gets back up to speed at Core Gym

Alistair Seeley with his Strength & Conditioning coach Gareth O'Neill GSC PT.
Alistair Seeley with his Strength & Conditioning coach Gareth O'Neill GSC PT.

Core Gym’s reputation as being the finest Strength and Conditioning gym in the North West was further enhanced at the weekend when the Wee Wizard, Alistair Seeley came to train with his Strength & Conditioning coach Gareth O’Neill GSC PT at Bodyrox.

As a Balance Leisure supported athlete, Alastair receives top class coaching and training specific to motorcycle racing.

Physical preparations of riders of Alastair’s calibre is exceptionally tough to say the least.

A lot is done to improve the cardio and strength of the riders with emphasis placed on strengthening the core, trapezius, neck, shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms and legs.

Balance Leisure installed some of the equipment at Core Gym and the pocket rocket of motor racing took the opportunity to put it to the test. Despite his spill at Metropole during the Supersport race at this year’s North West 200, Seeley proved why he is one of the best in the business with a relentless training session.

“Only a few know of the hard work and effort that goes on behind the scenes to prepare Alastair for a season’s racing,” said Mark Smyth of Balance Leisure.

“The hours in the gym are phenomenal and as one of our athletes we wanted to ensure he got the best possible coaching with Gareth O’Neill GSC PT.”

Gareth was full of praise for Core Gym saying: We had a great day’s shiftin’ and liftin’ with Balance Leisure sponsored athlete Alastair Seeley! It is top class with top class equipment.

“I would highly recommended for those in the north of the country serious about improving their performance. He trains hard and Alastair is now officially the strongest, fittest and lightest he has ever been.”

After a gruelling session in Core Gym Alastair Seeley commented: “This is a great facility with great staff. There’s plenty of equipment and we put it to good use today.

“I will definitely be back again. I have trained hard over the last 10 years, however, since working with Gareth three sessions a week I have noticed a change and feel fitter than ever.

“I was a bit sore after the spill with Lee Johnston, they suspected it was fractured ribs but thankfully it was nothing serious. ”