Small Sided Games move to University venue

Coleraine v Bertie Peacock's Under nines at Ballysally. photo:Derek Simpson
Coleraine v Bertie Peacock's Under nines at Ballysally. photo:Derek Simpson

The huge success and popularity of the Northwest and Coleraine District Youth League’s Small Sided Games Centre, now managed by the Harry Gregg Foundation, has seen significant growth in interest from existing member and new Clubs, resulting in a 25% increase in entries for the 2015/16 season.

It has been apparent for some time that the continued growth of the Centre would require either some age groups moving to an additional venue, or to relocate the event in its entirety to another site. In the interest of maintaining the unique family friendly social occasion the Centre provides, the Foundation have worked tirelessly to secure a venue that would facilitate the event at one location.

Now the Harry Gregg Foundation has announced that in association with the Ulster University, the Small Sided Games Centre will relocate to their Coleraine Campus this Saturday.

This new venue is literarily a minute away from Ballysally and will enable the Centre to run all of its activities from one location, whilst maintaining a controlled and secure environment. It will also provide additional parking, male and female changing areas and the ability to provide catering adjacent to the playing areas.

The League would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped make our years at Ballysally a roaring success. Special thanks go to the residents of Ballysally for their continued cooperation, Ballysally Community Centre and their fantastic staff, Coleraine Borough Council, St Andrew’s and Ballysally Presbyterian Church’s for the parking and Tracey’s Kitchen for the catering.

In the meantime the Ballysally venue will continue as a soccer base with 11 aside matches relocating there.