Students from Bannside PUMA (Professional Unification of Martial Arts) Kickboxing School recently took their summer grading examination in Kilrea.

All students achieved the required standard and were presented with their new belts.

Results were: Roberta McInnes, Black stripe; Laura Mawhinney, Red stripe; Ellie Montgomery, Blue belt; Bethany Clarke and Courtney Rowe Green belt; Amy Lee Bothwell, Green stripe; Damian Stalke, Shane Wilson, Aimee Mawhinney, Aidan Brolly, Alan Hunter and John Maguire Yellow belt; Sam Collins, Aimee Clarke, Lucie Rowe and Callum Calvert, Purple stripe.

Steven McCauley was awarded a credit pass for achieving a very high standard at Black Stripe level, which is one grade prior to achieving a first degree black belt.

The grading award for overall excellence and attitude was presented to junior beginner Aimee Blue Yellow stripe.

For first time the grading included a group of ‘PUMA 1’ students aged just six years old. The grading examiner Mr Chris walker, 4th Dan black belt from Southampton, was very impressed with the standard demonstrated at such a young age. Junior students show their discipline, focus, balance and concentration through line work, pad work and a self defence drill.

Classes take place in Coleraine at Kilrea Sports Complex and at Killowen Primary School.

Club Instructor Diane McInnes, who is the current P.U.M.A Ladies black belt kickboxing sparring champion said: “There’s never a better time to try out this modern and dynamic martial art, which will motivate you to improve your aerobic fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility and self- confidence.

“All beginners receive a free no obligation trial lesson and we are holding an open night at Coleraine on Monday 5 September 7.30pm when everyone is welcome to come along see a demonstration of our syllabus and take part in a trial session.

“The syllabus includes semi-contact sparring for those aged seven and above, but only when they’ve completed 3-6 months training.

“We will be starting new beginners class for adults and children aged twelve and over at Killowen Primary School, Coleraine from Monday 12 September at 7pm for eight weeks. For more details please call 07789 638899, or visit”