Laugh and cry with Mrya as she shares her story

The Millennium Forum has announced that it will bring a brand new production, Myra's Story, to the Riverside Theatre in Coleraine on November 8 as part of an extensive Irish tour.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 3:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 3:39 pm

Hilarious and heartbreaking, Myra’s Story portrays a day in the life of a homeless ‘wine connoisseur’ as she begs for money from passers-by in Dublin, Ireland.

Jumping from character to colourful character, Myra McLaughlin shares her powerful story, explaining how she came to arrive at her present state with street-smart style, wry wit and unflinching honesty.

Audiences have laughed and cried with Myra - often at the same time - as she recounts her adventures, becoming the characters who have shaped her life, from her irascible father and idealistic husband, to her neighbours: Tina The Tap - Big Bridie and Jimmy The Tadpole.

Beginning her narrative as she recovers from a raucous celebration of her 48th birthday, Myra selects on her attempt to escape what her father calls ‘The Beast” by marrying at 16 and beginning a new life with her beloved Tommy McLaughlin.

Myra’s Story is Derry playwright Brian Foster’s new adaptation of his acclaimed play, ‘Maire A Woman Of Derry’.

Myra, says Foster, “is not an educated woman — but she has a street nurtured intelligence about her.”

And Myra’s Story is merely a small window into the life of someone whom almost anyone could become.

“Street alcoholics are those who have stumbled over that line and (generally) can find no way back,” Foster continued.

“When I was researching the play a doctor pointed out to me that heavy street drinkers are terminally ill people. Their affliction will kill them in the end, yet we tend not to view them with the same compassion we would cancer sufferers, for instance.”

Dublin actress, Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley is cast as Myra McLaughlin, in this one- woman play. Fíonna is currently filming the role of Aoife in Sophie Petzal’s brand new drama and psychological thriller Blood directed by Lisa Mulcahy for TV3 and Element Pictures.

You’ll split your sides laughing with Myra. You’ll break your heart crying with Myra. What you’ll never do forget her.

Tickets are on sale now from the Riverside Theatre Box Office.