Advertorial - '˜Storm Brona' set to cause a storm against obesity in Coleraine

Local Slimming World Consultant Brona Mc Quilken has her sights set on both sides of the river in Coleraine.

Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 12:38 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 3:49 pm

With almost five years experience as a consultant and already running two successful groups east side of the Bann, Brona has now taken on the west side with the relaunch of West Bann Slimming World on Saturday mornings in the West Bann Development Centre.

Being overweight all her adult life, Brona is only too aware of the struggle that anyone with weight issues faces and the desperate measures taken in a bid to lose weight.

Having tried nearly every diet going and feeling like a complete failure when starvation won out every time, she felt a little dubious about this ‘Slimming World’ plan that allowed you to eat until you were full AND allow everything in moderation.

“Imagine being able to eat curry, lasagne, burgers and chips AND lose weight? With Slimming Worlds unique Extra Easy Food Optimising plan that’s exactly what’s on the menu,” said Brona who is now celebrating over 100lbs lost on her own journey.

Not only is she the Slimmest she has been in a long time but also the fittest she has been in 25 years.

Brona said: “If you had told me that I would go from struggling to walk up the town to completing a marathon I would never have believed you but eating real food that fuels my body in the right way and learning to take a few extra steps with Slimming World’s Body Magic, built up over time, brought me to where I am now, living my best life and it’s all thanks to Slimming World.

“My dream, for every person who struggles with excess weight, is that they find Slimming World. My aim for every member who walks through my doors is to support them to their best life.

“The Met office has just revealed the storm names for 2018/19 and with Bronagh on the list what better time to cause a storm, watch out Coleraine, I’ve my sights set on beating obesity in our area!”

Brona will be relaunching the West Bann group on Saturday, October 20, with a new session time of 10am. Contact Brona for special joining offers on 07594370108, via Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram.