Don’t change your diet, change your life

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Don’t just change your diet change life!

That’s exactly what local woman Kerrie Douglas has done.

Kerrie Douglas a local Ballymoney woman is set to relaunch the Ballymoney Wednesday evening group and tell us her story.

“It was following a frightening health discovery that I decided to embark on a journey - one that would help me towards a healthier place, but also one of self-discovery and new found confidence.”

“My grandmother was ill with breast cancer and advised me to seek information about the BRCA gene, following lots of tests and appointments It was then I was given the devastating blow that I too was a carrier like my “Nana”.

“In the following few weeks of diagnosis, I developed anxiety and depression and struggled to come to terms with the fact I too was a carrier. On the face of it all I smiled and laughed but underneath it all I was struggling.”

“It was then I knew decisions needed to made, if not for me for my three beautiful kids, with an 87% now of developing breast cancer myself I needed to get up and make changes. I knew I was overweight and that it would not help me with my impending surgery, and recovery time would be lengthy, so I joined my local Slimming World.”

“I recall walking into group for the first time feeling anxious and worried about how I would cope in a room full of people I didn’t know, but the consultant and members were so friendly, I soon realised that everyone was there for the same reason and soon I made a brand new group of friends and even joined the social team.”

Kerrie tells us she had tried many “diets” before but wanted something that would be sustainable and with slimming world found exactly that! “I couldn’t believe that you could actually eat that much food and still lose weight. I remember coming to my first weigh in being apprehensive because I’d ate all week and never felt hungry once. In my first week, I lost 4lbs and it was right then I knew I have found a lifestyle that was going to be perfect! “

“I found a completely new love for food and loved cooking from scratch healthy meals that the whole family could also enjoy too, favourites in my house are curry, burger & chips, spaghetti Bolognese, lasagne, I also loved that I could still enjoy chocolate, crisps and still lose weight.“

Kerrie has gone on to lose 3 stone 5.5lbs over 10 months going from a size 14/16 to a 6/8 and has been a target member now for six months.

“I am so excited about this new opportunity I have been given and cannot wait to be able to help people who are in the same situation as I was when I started my journey!”

If you would like to join me and find out more about slimming world come along to my group on Wednesday 9th May at 5.30 & 7.30pm at Ballymoney Rugby Club.