Ivan’s act of kindness restores Armoy people’s faith after lawnmowers destroyed

Shock as lawnmower dumped in the river.
Shock as lawnmower dumped in the river.

Armoy people have been left outraged after vandals broke into a community shed and distroyed valuable gardening equiptment.

It is believed the incident took place sometime over the weekend after Eddie’s store at Tilly’s was robbed and the community lawnmowers removed and dumped into the local river.

The shocking news was posted on the Armoy Community Association Facebook site last night (Monday): “Sad and disappointing news. Eddie’s store at Tilly’s was broken into and the community lawnmowers were removed and dumped in the river. We’ve notified the police of this criminal damage. If anyone has any information please pass it on to the police in Ballymoney.”

In response Rosemary Speer posted: “I feel so sad reading about this appalling and “sick” act of destruction. When I think of the comparison with regard to the gentleman who works so tirelessly with this machinery and the senseless, purposeless disrespect of the perpetrators. I cannot comprehend the action.”

Suzanne Reynolds continued: “A disgrace, Eddie keeps the village so tidy. It’s a credit to him and we all appreciate his hard and committed work! Hope they get whoever did this.”

Vallon McAuley also aired her sadness: “That’s actually sick! Why anyone would want to do this? Why doesn’t someone start a just fund page with Eddie’s Story and have these all replaced in no time?“

And following an appeal for help by the local community Ivan Lynn of Ivan Lynn and Sons, Armoy has come to the rescue. The Groundworks Contractor has generously offered to buy Eddie a new lawnmower.

A post on the Armoy Community Association Facebook site confirmed: “Thanks Ivan - this is just so thoughtful.”

Former Ballymoney councillor added: “This is the better side coming out in Armoy. Ivan is a man with a big heart.”