Safety concerns at Dunluce

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Local MLA Claire Sugden has expressed her concerns over traffic and parking issues at Dunluce Castle in Portrush.

She said: “Speaking with those living and working in the area, traffic at Dunluce Castle is an ongoing problem that could lead to loss of life or serious injury. Other road users are forced to take risks because of irresponsible and in some cases, illegal parking of coaches and other vehicles.

“I have raised this with Transport NI and they tell me there is little more they can do, because road signage and infrastructure is already in place to deter roads users from parking where they shouldn’t. Simply put, people are breaking rules and they don’t care. I have spoken with PSNI to raise this as an enforcement issue, so hopefully those doing it will be held to account.

“I have also spoken with Council and as part of their tourism strategy they are working with a number stakeholders including Tourism NI to find other ways for tourists to enjoy the area safely and without disruption to locals. This is longer term work, but hopefully will find solutions.

“I don’t accept that this issue cannot be addressed; certainly if someone lost their life it would be dealt with immediately, but unfortunately too late for that person and their family. I will raise with Transport NI and others again. I also ask road users and pedestrians to be cautious in the area.”